We guarantee the highest possible standards on all our work.

However, how your tattoo will heal up and look later will also depend on you look after it!


  • Do not touch your tattoo. The only time you need to touch it is if you are putting cream on your tattoo or if you are cleaning it. This especially includes any picking, scratching or otherwise damaging your tattoo. If the scabs come off too early, they bring some of the ink with them so be very careful … no mirror flexing!


  • Don’t go swimming at all while your tattoo is still healing, salt water and chlorine are especially bad but any soaking of your tattoo will have negative effects on the healing process. Showering is fine.


  • Avoid too much physical activity. Any weights will be pulling on muscle groups which can split scabs, and excessive sweating can pull out ink on its way out of the skin.


  • Keep your tattoo out of the sun. With the exception of feet, hand, neck and face/head tattoos, all areas can be covered. Even if it’s a hot day, keep something covering your tattoo and avoid direct sunlight. Your tattoo is especially vulnerable during the healing process so the sun can fade it drastically. Once it is fully healed you can apply sunscreen to reduce fading.


  • Temple Tattoo recommends After Ink (cream not salve), Bepanthen, Dr pickles  as aftercare products. Different inks, machines and techniques lead to a different healing process for your tattoo. Talk to your artist to find out which they prefer you to use and how often to apply it. The main thing to remember is less is more. Overuse of cream can affect your tattoo as badly as not using any. Whilst your body does the healing not the cream, it helps reduce risks of damaging it so definitely get some.


  • Your artist will wrap your tattoo to protect it after you leave the studio. Take the wrap off as soon as you get somewhere you can wash it then let it dry out for 2 days without any cream washing it as often as you can with soapey water.


  • Depending on the area, tight clothing may rub against your tattoo, damaging it the same way picking and scratching will. Bear this in mind and dress appropriately while it heals, especially shoes on any foot tattoo.


  • Ensure your soap is clean. The easiest way is to use a flowing soap, body wash or shower gel, without exfoliating beads or anything else that may get in your tattoo. Body washes also tend to have moisturizing properties that most bars of soap won’t, as well as a guarantee that no one elses hands have touched it. Cleanliness is essential, and be careful to wash off ALL soap/ink/blood thoroughly then dab dry after each wash.


  • If you’re in doubt about anything feel free to contact us with any inquiries or contact your local physician.


Just remember, the best time to get tattooed is in winter! (for future reference)